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Dates & Facts:

SAN-EXPORT-GROUP SP. Z O. O.  was founded by groups of producers from the Sandomierz region which is the second largest fruit-growing area in Poland. Based on the wealth of orchards located near Sandomierz we offer large diversity of apples of the highest quality. Our main activity is export in order to promote apples and other fruits and vegetables from the region of Sandomierz. We are interested in long-term, fair and mutually beneficial cooperation.

The main goals of SAN-EXPORT-GROUP SP. Z O.O. are: 

  • promotion of horticultural products from the Sandomierz region and Świętokrzyskie voivodeship with particular emphasis on foreign markets,
  • contracts negotiating and sale of large quantities of fruits and vegetables produced by groups of producers,
  • unification of standards of packaging and marketing of them,town hall in Sandomierz
  • transport and logistics services in export of wholesale quantities of fruits and vegetables,
  • foreign markets research in a sector of fresh fruits and vegetables,
  • marketing of means of production which are necessary for groups of producers,
  • efforts to improve the quality of horticultural products from the Sandomierz region (ISO 22000, HACCP, GLOBAL GAP, etc.).